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Máy in laser CO2 TAIWAN

  • Sku: CO2
  • Danh mục: Máy in Laser Công Nghiệp
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   CK-N-30 DCO

   Laser wavelengh




   Line speed

   Max.320m/min (Depends on marking content and material)

   Marking features

   Char.size: 0.4mm~Max.marking scope of lens

   Min.line width: 0.2mm

   Repeatability: <20urad

   Lens scope: 110*110mm,Optional 70*70mm, 160*160mm, 200*200mm

   Marking font: truetype, Single line font, dot matrix font(support customized font)

   Language: Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Russia

   Marking mode: Static marking, on-the-fly marking, Precise cable marking (option)

   Hi-speed scan head: galvanometers provide precise lens correction and precise grid correction file

   Operation Method

   10.1”inch handle WYSIWYG color touch panel

   USB drive to upload or download file

   Support encoder, pedal, I/O, photoelectronic sensor port

   Support ethernet, USB, RS-232 port

   Other features

   The interconnection cable length is 2.5M between main enclosure and laser unit

   Power Supply: Ac 220V±10%.50HZ.5Amp OR , Ac 110V±10%.50HZ.10Amp

   Environment temperature: 5-40℃

   Fan cooling

   Power Consumption



   Light frame:662*171*150mm,Power box:392*294*188




   USB: Encoder, photoelectronic sensor, Usb disk


   1.2m stand lifting range: 810~1260mm

   1.4m stand lifting range:1010~1460mm

   1.6m stand lifting range:1210~1660mm

   Smoke purifier: low noise, high efficiency, conducive to clean and beautify work space, easy to move.

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